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Scheduling Automatic Updates

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Scheduling Automatic Updates

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Scheduling Automatic Updates

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To set up or modify Scheduled Updates start the main Trojan Remover program and select Settings | Update Settings. Click on Check for Updates Daily to enable/disable the Scheduled Update checks. If Updates are enabled you can select the preferred time to run the update by clicking on Set Time to run Daily Update.



For the Updater to be able to connect to the update website, the PC must be connected to the Internet when the Updater runs. Also, you must ensure that any firewall you have installed is configured to allow the Updater program trupd.exe to connect to the Internet.


When the scheduled automatic update is started, it will silently attempt to contact one of the update servers (chosen randomly). If a Database update is found, the Updater will attempt to silently download and install it, without requiring User intervention.


If any Program Updates are found, these will also be downloaded and installed silently, unless the option to Allow Automatic Program Updates is disabled; if so, the Updater screen will appear and show the Update(s) available; click on the Update button to continue with the update.


If no update is found, or a connection could not be made, a note will be added to the Update logfile. This logfile can be viewed in the main Trojan Remover program by selecting 'Settings | Update Settings | View Update Log'.