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FastScan - In-use/Locked File Alert

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FastScan - In-use/Locked File Alert

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FastScan - In-use/Locked File Alert

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FastScan is the component of Trojan Remover which runs each time you start your computer. It carries out the same scanning functions as are carried out when you run a Scan from within Trojan Remover itself.


If FastScan attempts to scan a file and finds that the file is permanently in-use/locked, it will display an alert screen. This is because a number of malicious files deliberately "lock" themselves in order to avoid being scanned by anti-malware scanners.


Caution: a file NEED NOT BE MALICIOUS just because it is in-use/locked - the file could be currently open in another application, or access to it is being prevented by another anti-malware program. You should not take any action on the file unless you are reasonably satisfied that it IS malicious.


In order to help you decide if a file is malicious, the Alert screen will show any additional information it can obtain about the file.


You should run a scan with Trojan Remover's main program when the FastScan has been completed. This will allow you to take action on the file. If the file is not alerted on by Trojan Remover's main scan, then the next time the alert screen appears during a FastScan you can, if you choose, select the option to exclude the file from future scans by clicking on the Exclude button.


Clicking on the Continue button will continue the scan.


If "Launch main program when scan completed" is checked (the default), then the main Trojan Remover program will be started automatically when the FastScan is completed (or canceled). This is useful if the alert advises you to run the main program to deal with a threat.