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FastScan - Imagefile Debugger Alert

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FastScan - Imagefile Debugger Alert

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FastScan - Imagefile Debugger Alert

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FastScan is the component of Trojan Remover that runs each time you start the PC.


Some Malware programs try to conceal their presence by installing themselves as Debugger entries for other, legitimate programs. When the FastScan runs, it checks for these entries.


When the FastScan finds such a file it will display an alert screen, EVEN IF the file is not positively detected as Malware. This is because if an invalid Imagefile Debugger entry is created it could mean that the legitimate program referenced may not work properly.


Caution: a file NEED NOT BE MALICIOUS just because it is installed as an Imagefile Debugger. For example, the SysInternals Process Explorer installs itself in this way (as a Debugger for Taskmgr.exe) if you choose its option to "Replace Task Manager". You are recommended not to take action on any file alerted on in this way unless it is positively identified as Malware. If you are unsure, you can submit the file to Simply Super Software for analysis. Information on how to do this is on the Support page of the website.


You should run a scan with Trojan Remover's main program when the FastScan has been completed. This will allow you to take action on the file. If the file is not alerted on by Trojan Remover's main scan, then the next time the alert screen appears during a FastScan you can, if you choose, select the option to exclude the file from future scans by clicking on the Exclude button.


If "Launch main program when scan completed" is checked (the default), then the main Trojan Remover program will be started automatically when the FastScan is completed (or canceled). This is useful if the alert advises you to run the main program to deal with a threat.