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Excluding Files/Directories from Scanning

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Excluding Files/Directories from Scanning

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Excluding Files/Directories from Scanning

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The Excluded Files Manager is used to manage which files and directories are excluded from scanning. It is accessed by selecting File | Manage Exclusions, or by clicking on the excl button.


Any files or directories already excluded will be shown in the Exclusions List. You can Add a file/directory to this list, and you can Remove an existing entry.


Items displayed in the Excluded Files Manager are colour-coded. Files are black, Directories are purple, Registry Entries are blue, Proxy Server Exclusions are maroon and Scheduled Task Exclusions are shown in green. If a Directory entry finishes with an asterisk (*), this indicates that all sub-directories of that Directory are also excluded from scanning.


Note: Registry Entry, Proxy Server and Scheduled Task Exclusions are only added when the User elects to create an exclusion when an alert is shown. The Excluded Files Manager can remove these exclusions, but it cannot be used to add them.


Adding a Directory/File to be Excluded

Files are normally added to the Excluded Files list when a User selects the option to Exclude a file from scanning during one of Trojan Remover's normal scanning routines. Using the Excluded Files Manager you can manually add files and directories to be excluded by Trojan Remover's scans.


Click on the Add File or Add Folder button. An Edit Window will appear. Click on the browse button. This will open up an Explorer-type Window to allow you to browse for the file/folder you wish to add to the Excluded Files List. If you choose to add a Folder, you have the option to also exclude sub-folders.


Removing an Item from the Excluded Files List

Select the item(s) you wish to remove by clicking on it with the mouse, to highlight it. Multiple items can be selected by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on each item you wish to remove in turn. The Remove button will be enabled. Click on the Remove button to remove the item(s). When you click on the OK button on the Excluded Files Manager screen, the item(s) are permanently removed from the Excluded Files List, meaning that these items WILL now be included during Trojan Remover's Active and Drive/Directory scans.


Any changes you make in the Excluded Files Manager will NOT be saved unless you click on the OK button (this button is disabled if you have made no changes). If you click on the Cancel button, any changes you have made will be discarded, and no changes will be made to the Excluded Files List.


Any items shown in the Excluded Files List will automatically be excluded from Active and Drive/Directory Scans. However, if the item is a file, it CAN be scanned if you locate the file in Windows Explorer, right-click on it, and select "Scan with Trojan Remover".