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Entering Licence Key

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Entering Licence Key

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Entering Licence Key

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Enter the Username and Licence Key you have been supplied into the appropriate boxes, then click on OK. It is recommended that you use Copy and Paste to do this, to avoid any typing errors.




1.Your Username is usually your full email address.
2.The Username is not case-sensitive.


If the licence key is not accepted, please check:


You have installed the latest version of Trojan Remover.
You have entered the Username and Key exactly as they are shown.
The system date is correct.


If you are trying to use a key that has not expired, but was issued more than 30 days ago then it may no longer be valid. Please contact us at [email protected] to request a new key. So long as your subscription remains valid new keys will be issued free of charge. When contacting us please ensure you include the Username and Key you are trying to use so that we can find your registration.



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