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Should you have queries concerning the use of Trojan Remover these can be addressed to [email protected]. If you have MAIL CONTROLS or FILTERS set please ensure you are able to receive email from this address. You can click on the FAQ link above to see a list of commonly asked questions and answers.
If you have written to us but have not yet received a reply please check the list here of email addresses that we have tried to contact but have been unable to reach.

Help files
Trojan Remover contains a comprehensive helpfile. You can access the helpfile by clicking on Help in Trojan Remover's main menu. This helpfile can also be viewed online.

Trojan Remover checks for updates daily using a Scheduled Task. You can configure when the update checks are performed by selecting Settings | Update Settings from the main menu. Database updates are installed automatically; if a program update is available, a dialog is displayed allowing you to control the update. The Updater can also be started independently to check for updates any time you wish by selecting Start and scrolling down to Trojan Remover Updater.

Update Servers Status

Trojan Samples
Should you find that Trojan Remover is unable to correctly detect and/or deal with a Malware file (or files) then send all the information you have and, where possible, the actual Malware file(s) - or a location where a copy can be obtained. The Malware file behavior can then be analysed and any necessary amendments incorporated into Trojan Remover. 

For instructions on how to submit samples to Simply Super Software for analysis click on the Contact Us link above.



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