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Malware Issues

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Malware Issues

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Malware Issues

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How do I submit a file for analysis?

Instructions on how to send file(s) to Simply Super Software for analysis are on the Contact Us page of the website.


Trojan Remover renames Malware files. Why doesn't the program just delete these malicious files completely?

This is a quarantine function. Trojan Remover renames Malware files by adding the extension '.VIR' to the filename. This disables the file from being run. If the file was immediately permanently deleted, and then you realised that you wanted to keep the file (either for analysis, or (rarely) if it was a false positive detection), it would be too late. By renaming the file, you have the opportunity to restore it should you wish to (simply by removing the '.VIR' extension). When you have decided you do not want to keep the disabled file, you can simply delete it. You can also run a Directory scan with the option 'Scan Files already renamed by Trojan Remover' checked. When such a file is located, Trojan Remover will then offer to permanently delete the file.