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Scanning A Folder From Windows Explorer

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Scanning A Folder From Windows Explorer

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Scanning A Folder From Windows Explorer

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Right-click your mouse on the drive or directory you wish to scan and select the option 'Scan with Trojan Remover'.


Trojan Remover will start and the Drive/Folder Scan screen will appear.


The screen will show which directory is to be scanned. If you do not wish to scan sub-directories of this directory, uncheck the box marked 'Check sub-directories'. Pressing the 'Start Scan' button will start the scan. Details of the progress of the scan will be displayed. The scan can be stopped at any time by pressing the 'Stop' button. You can also pause the scan at any time by pressing the 'Pause' button. The scan will be paused until you either press the 'Resume' button to restart it, or press the 'Stop' button to cancel it.


Should a file be located which appears to be malicious, details are shown. If the default Action is to Prompt the User, a new screen will appear showing you details of the alert, allowing you to choose one of the following options:


Leave this file in place

Selecting this option will close the alert screen, and return you to the Drive/Directory scan. No action will be taken on the file.


Disable this file by renaming it

The file will be renamed so that it cannot be executed. If a file is suspicious, this is the best option to choose. You can then send a copy of the file to an anti-virus or trojan-scanner company (like Simply Super Software) for further analysis. A record of this rename operation will be written to the Trojan Remover logfile.


Note: if the file has already been renamed by Trojan Remover, or it is an Archive (i.e. Zip) file, then this option is not given.


Delete this file (use with caution)

You should only select this option if you are absolutely positive that the file being scanned is Malware. A copy will NOT be sent to the recycle bin. Once you answer YES to the confirmation message the file will be deleted. A record of this file deletion will be written to the Trojan Remover logfile. THIS ACTION IS IRREVERSIBLE.


Once you have selected the desired option clicking on the OK button carries that operation out; the scan then proceeds (unless you choose to stop it).


NOTE: when Trojan Remover scans archive files, it creates (and later deletes) temporary directories. Whilst scanning you may notice these temporary directories being created and deleted. This is normal and is no cause for concern.