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The FastScan runs every time you start your PC. This option is enabled by default. When enabled Trojan Remover scans all the program loading points each time Windows is started. If a suspected Malware file is located an alert screen pops up advising you to run the main Trojan Remover program in order to disable the Malware.


On new installations this FastScan is also set to run daily at a random time. This offers additional protection for those users who do not restart their systems often. This option can be controlled in the Settings | FastScan Settings menu.


When the PC starts, the FastScan execution is delayed for a short time (the default is 5 minutes). This allows other programs to fully load, so that more processing time is available to the FastScan when the scan starts. This means the scan is usually faster. You can modify the delay time (or opt for no delay at all) by starting the main Trojan Remover program and selecting Settings | FastScan Settings | FastScan Logon Delay Settings.


In the FastScan Settings menu you can choose to run the FastScan in Silent, or invisible, mode. The scan will proceed as normal at the selected time, but no progress screen will be displayed unless an alert or dialog needs to be shown.


Boot-time scanning can be enabled and disabled from the main Trojan Remover Settings | FastScan Settings menu.



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